My name is Lucia Baldi and I am a conference interpreter, translator and university lecturer. I work in Italy and abroad, putting my professional experience at your service for your business affairs. You can also find me on Linkedin.


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20 Nov 2012



I am qualified to offer professional interpretation services using all of the techniques in this sector: simultaneous, consecutive, chuchotage, negotiation, c...

20 Nov 2012



Choose to entrust the translation of your advertising material, brochures, reports, technical or confidential material to someone who has been doing translati...

20 Nov 2012



The third area of my professional activity includes conference consultancy, linguistic and cultural assistance in internationalization processes and teaching....

Who I work for

Why you should avail yourself of my services

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Experience, training, quality-certified, confidentiality, technology, speed and flexibility are just some of the features that distinguish my professional work.
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The ability to translate and interpret requires much more than the knowledge of a foreign language and only a solid university training and constant updating make it possible to provide quality services.
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Access to modern technology allows me to respond to requests in a timely manner, because everyone’s time is precious. Contact me for a quick, free price quote.
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Through collaborative agreements with qualified sound technicians, simultaneous interpretation booths and equipment, as well as portable Bidule equipment can be provided upon request.
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Intructions for speakers

The General Directorate for Interpretation of the European Commission has compiled a few simple guidelines for speakers at meetings which require interpretation.

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About us

Baldi Lucia INTERprete TRADuttrice

BLInterTrad di Lucia Baldi

  • Via Venezia 6/B - 60030 Monsano (AN) Italia
  • VAT number 02069080428
  • (+39) 0731 60932
  • (+39) 0731 690203
  • (+39) 335 5612895
  • lucia.baldi
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